Mochlos, a former fishermen’s village

on the shores of the Aegean sea

Mochlos (in modern Greek Μόχλος) is a former fishermen's village situated along the Aegean, on the north-eastern coast of the Island of Crete and at +/- 22 miles from Agios Nikolaos.

As such, the village does not have any typical architecture but its atmosphere is very pleasant and its quiet bay full of charm. It is a real pleasure to have lunch under the sun in one of the restaurants concentrated along its tiny sandy beach. It offers a unique opportunity to taste fresh sea products as well as Cretan specialities.

To reach the village, follow the national road 90/E75 towards Sitia and immediately after Platanos, take the secondary road on the left. This curving road which crosses olive grooves leads to the village after more or less 3 miles. Coming from Sitia, leave the main road in Sfaka and drive down to the sea for +/- 4 miles.

In front of the village, there is a small oval island with warm colours and green heaths. It shelters an archaeological site of an ancient Minoan settlement (2500 before J.C.) on which a team of American archaeologists make interesting discoveries every year. The small chapel situated on the right of the site is dedicated to St Nicolas who protects the seamen.